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We want our ecosystem to be as engaged as possible, the best possible place to be for anyone interested in NFTs. In order to make this possible, we have released a utility token, $NMKR.
Our goal therefore, is to provide the maximum possible utility via the $NMKR token. At a glance, this means that holding $NMKR will grant you rights to vote on all kinds of changes related to the NFT-MAKER ecosystem, ranging from how we adjust reward parameters, to verifying NFT projects as being authentic.
ARTIST VERIFICATION AND FRAUD PREVENTION: We are going to introduce a trust score for every user on the platform that is utilizing a staking mechanism for the NMKR token, to financially incentivize users to “do good.” This will impact both NFT-MAKER PRO and our Marketplace.
ECOSYSTEM GOVERNANCE: We will fully integrate community feedback and desires into our roadmap. Initially, the development team will present proposals, which the community will be able to vote on. We will feel this in the Marketplace, the payment gateway, the web wallet, the Stakepool and also the Game Launchpad.
In our efforts to make our project as transparent as possible, our Tokenomics are fair and easy to understand and it’s split as follows.
  • 48% · Community distribution
  • 30% · Direct sales
  • 16% · Team allocation
  • 4.8% · Stake pool
  • 1.2% · Airdrop
There will be three phases of direct sales. The vesting period depends on the type of purchase phase. The earlier people are involved, the longer their vesting periods will be. To participate in our ICO, you need to register an LCX trading account.
Follow the steps below to join the $NMKR ICO:
  • Step 1- Set up an LCX Account
We have partnered with the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange as a financial infrastructure provider for the sale events. LCX is a regulated trading venue offering a range of digital currencies with very high standards in regards to compliance and data security.
  • Step 2- Complete the Account Verification
You will need to provide your personal details and complete a digital identity verification process to unlock the unlimited trading functionalities of your LCX account.
This process will be done by our partner LCX. Please contact their customer support in case any questions arise.
  • Step 3 - Purchase $NMKR
You can now use your LCX account to participate in the ICO and the public sale to be one of the first investors of $NMKR.
ADA Handle is a CNFT project that gave a whole new dimension to NFTs utility, the idea behind the collection is to give its users the ability to link a Cardano wallet address that typically looks like this: 
To a user-friendly address that could be as simple as: $Name. ADA Handle comes as an answer to the hassle that we all go through when using our Cardano wallets and helps us be more at ease when putting transactions in.
As explained by the Project’s website, the concept is pretty straightforward. Each handle purchased is delivered as a CNFT and whatever wallet holds it is where the payments will be directed. 
Here is a look at two examples of ADA Handles:
ADA Handle: $skuzyvibes
ADA Handle: $skuzyvibes
ADA Handle: $boxingday
ADA Handle: $boxingday
Since reservations ended for ADA Handles you can buy them during open sales.
Link to the ADA Handle website: Website
Links to ADA Handle socials: Twitter & Discord
Throughout this new section, we will be covering CNFT projects that released tokens, by introducing their use-cases how you can own some and more. For this section’s debut we will cover the $YUMMI token that serves as a currency to the Yummi CNFT project. 
$YUMMI is the utility token of the Yummi CNFT project, it will be distributed through various ways such as: Staking, airdrops, P2E and more as announced in the Project’s litepaper.
The goal behind the token is to provide varied utility to Yummi CNFT holders such as governance, spending $YUMMI in-game and staking. As of now the first way to own some $YUMMI is through the staking of your Naru CNFT.
For more in-depth information around the $YUMMI tokens such as tokenomics and more you can refer to the Project’s Whitepaper: Whitepaper
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