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$NMKR & CNFT Native Tokens are all the Rage, NFT-MAKER.IO making Headlines & Clay Nation is a Multi-verse not a metaverse !

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  • NFT-MAKER.IO Contest: To celebrate the road to 1 Million NFTs minted, the team is organizing an NFT-MAKER Fan Art Contest for your chance to win a SpaceBudz or an Unsigned. You can follow the rules and submit your art for a chance to win in this form!
NFT-MAKER Fan Art Contest
NFT-MAKER Fan Art Contest
  • 1 YEAR OLD: NFT-MAKER.IO is 1-year-old, and to celebrate the event the team has held a STAR-STUDDED Livestream with Alessandro, founder of SpaceBudz, Stale, main dev behind CNFT.IO and Patrick, the founder of NFT-MAKER.IO with a banging program at the key, you can view the amazing conversation here
NFT-MAKER.IO Anniversary Livestream Timetable
NFT-MAKER.IO Anniversary Livestream Timetable
  • $NMKR & $CLAY: Probably two of the most important projects on the CNFT Space are launching their own tokens soon, with $NMKR going live the 18th of April, meanwhile $CLAY is planned to launch around May 2022. This year is gonna be massive for native tokens in the Cardano ecosystem.
Cardano NSFW is the first “Not Safe For Work” CNFT set, it’s a project founded by
Each collection’s set has a different character with different variations, with the naughtiest ones being the rarest.
Funny story: on the 16th of October Patrick Tobler, Founder of NFT-MAKER.IO, tweeted the following: “Why is there no large-scale NSFW CNFT collection out yet? I bet it would be a success.”
One day later the Cardano NSFW project was announced.
Here is a look at one of the Cardano NSFW releases “Yuki”:
TOOL OF THE WEEK: Cardano Tools Explorer
Cardano Cube is a platform designed to provide its users with quality information about actual and upcoming Cardano tools.
As per the project’s website, their mission is to make the information more accessible and concentrated in one place by providing an overview of Cardano projects.
To look for specific tools, you can choose from the project type in the explore section of the project.
  • Link to Cardano Cube website: Website
  • Links to Cardano Cube socials: Twitter
Clay Nation is the upcoming virtual festival environment based on The Claymates Legendary NFT Product. It will be an inclusive space to hang out and explore experimental surroundings built on and moulded together with its population.
Clay Nation is going to be the name of the ClayMates metaverse and it will be split to three levels: Sonic Village, Underworld and Baked Nation. The NFTs will be in form of Land, or as the team calls them, Pitches in Clay Nation which will vary in size of 3 varieties (small, medium and large). The functionality of the NFT to represent the pitch of land will be minimal at first, as the users will not be able to build or interact with the pitch at first.
Sonic village is the “home” of Clay Nation-taking a central location on the Clay Nation map, Sonic Village will establish itself as the hub of activity, with Clay Nation NFT holders taking priority ownership over its development.
CLAYNATION-Sonic Village
CLAYNATION-Sonic Village
Underworld is the unearthly and mysterious zone of Clay Nation-inspired by the collaborative collection with Good Charlotte. The Underworld will be a zone moulded by Clay Nation x Good Charlotte NFT holders on priority. 
CLAY NATION - Underworld
CLAY NATION - Underworld
Baked Nation is going to be the fruit of the collaboration with Snoop Dogg & Champ Medici. The pitches of Baked Nation-in the hot, smokey, terrain of Clay Nation-will be dispersed around a central hub owned by and developed in partnership with Snoop, Champ and their team.
CLAY NATION-Baked Nation
CLAY NATION-Baked Nation
The virtual universe will mainly be available for Clay holders, focused on entertainment and music events with plans to open its doors and expand to host virtual arts and culture events-accessible to both NFT and guest pass holders.
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