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Holger Lippmann as Guest of Honor, SpaceBudz is 1 year old and Bitlands is our Star of the Week

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  • New Pavia Sneak-Peeks: The most hyped metaverse project on Cardano has unveiled a few images of their team hanging out in Pavia. Check them out below:
Pavia - Metaverse
Pavia - Metaverse
Pavia - Metaverse
Pavia - Metaverse
  • Vudu Brigada Fashion Week? In an unexpected turn, Vudu Brigada has teased their upcoming 3D simulation and it’s a fashion show from what we understand. One can only be excited to see the utility for the holders!
Vudu Brigada
Vudu Brigada
  • Pendulum With A Final Release Date? After they postponed their previous release last minute, Pendulum team has finally shared a new release date: Wednesday, March 30th, 10PM UTC. Take a look at this special piece for one lucky bastard!
  • The Godfather Of CNFTs Is 1 Year Old: Last week was a celebration for the CNFT Community as SpaceBudz has closed 1 year of existence and with it the wave of CNFTs that followed. A truly memorable day! And of course the community came through with various gorgeous pieces of art, I mean look at this gorgeous piece as an honor to SpaceBudz from the talented HappyHoppers team and the one following from the exciting team at FortGotten.
Happy Hoppers: SpaceBudz Hommage
Happy Hoppers: SpaceBudz Hommage
FortGotten: Spacebudz Hommage
FortGotten: Spacebudz Hommage
  • ClayBudz II Has Launched!! The CNFT Community has been spoiled last week, and we can see that through the brilliant launch of ClayBudz II from the brilliant team at ClayMates. Find more details about the release here.
SPECIAL GUEST: Holger Lippmann
This week we got the chance to talk with one of the famous computer pioneer artists Holger  Lippmann. During our interview he is sitting in front of his computer, dressed in an Adidas jacket,  surrounded by plotter machines and printed variants of his artistic work.
Holger Lippmann uses the  computer as an artistic medium since the 1990s. His first drop with Metadibs® was sold out  immediately.
We had the opportunity to discuss with the team and ask them a few questions about the project, you can find the interaction below.
When did the project first drop and what was is about?  
My first CNFT project was the DATA DONUT drop with Metadibs® on December 23, 2021, one  day before Christmas. I was overwhelmed to hear that it was sold out immediately and to feel  this strong community behind Cardano.  
The project was created under the impression of a very old Dos defragmentation software  which I was used to work with in the 1990s. There was a table of squares demonstrating  which hard drive sector is repaired or broken. At this time I thought this is really the sort of  technical visualization I liked. In 2021 I finally got the square table bent to a disc shape, leaving  a hole in the middle, colors were added and different motion patterns coded in Processing,  this then was the DATA DONUT.
Holger Lippmann - Data Moments
Holger Lippmann - Data Moments
What is the process behind the creation of your second CNFT drop that can currently be minted? 
It is about 99 unique variants of DATAs based purely on strict geometries and musical components that plays with the tension of simple rules and ordered radial scenes. But there should be said more about the circle itself. I really loved working with circles since I remember. It’s like the most perfect and most beautiful form I can think of. It’s so even, well-balanced on one hand and so full of chaos on the other hand, when you see it in the mathematical way: the connection between circumference and diameter; Pi is completely unsolved. Is there a pattern, is there an end? What is this? This is like the most chaotic mathematical riddle/number we have and it is in a circle. This is amazing and says much about everything. 
So the second DROP which I grouped in three parts — disc, donut and star — is not about defragmentation. It’s an algorithm that I developed from the Pie chart diagram and it’s about radial curves and restructuring with data input building like a painting out of it.
Holger Lippmann - Data Donuts
Holger Lippmann - Data Donuts
How was the CNFT community’s response to your project?  
From what I heard from Metadibs® and through my own channels was, that the community has never seen a project like this before. I am happy that people like my music as well. These DATA MOMENTS brought to life through music waves, made with native instruments mk3 using monark for complex synth sounds and reaktor for acid 303 vibes. 
Many artists from the art world cavorts on the Ethereum Blockchain. I also come from the traditional art world, but I wanted to start a project on the Cardano blockchain. I have kids myself who love NFTs and they are extremely mindful of the environmental aspect. Cardano is a real alternative and I am happy that the community is embracing my art.  
What can we expect from the project in the long term? 
Metadibs® is thinking phygital. I am actually working on physical objects as well, that can be seen as an extension of the CNFTs. So no digital twins are created from analog works like it is usually done, but vice versa. I like this idea.  
In longterm there is the idea of interactive and generative art pieces, allowing them to change the outcome with the possibilities of blockchain technology.
Holger Lippmann: Data Donuts
Holger Lippmann: Data Donuts
Do you have any future collaborations planned ? 
Metadibs® is very community orientated and planning a physical event in the next month as  well. CNFTs will be shown in combination with physical objects IRL exchange for the  community. I like this! I also have a collab with Bright Moments, that presents NFTs in Berlin  April 6-23, but this will take place on another Blockchain. 
What does the NFT market mean to you? 
Many things; the crypto currency movement out of pgp, Napster, Torrent and all this we’ve  been through. It’s a very great moment when many things suddenly come together. Humans are so playful and curious for new ways. Do we want to make an art sale contract  with a lawyer for digital art? Of course not! We figure out new exciting ways, building more  complex systems, systems that replace the old ones and are simply better for our present and  future. 
I find the most beautiful thing about the NFT market, besides its ingenuity and complexity, is  the energy. A huge wave of energy breaks down on us and it’s about art! What could be nicer than experiencing this as an artist!?
Holger Lippmann: Data Donuts
Holger Lippmann: Data Donuts
NFT-MAKER PRO recommendation: It’s getting loud.
Please turn the music on after you have mint some DATA MOMENTS: https:// 
Follow Holger on Instagram:
Get to know more about Metadibs® a new eco-friendly NFT platform via their essential links:  
Cardano Space is a website in which each holder owns a piece, it is a 100x100 grid with each cell being a Cardano Space CNFT. Owning a cell in Cardano Space comes with certain privileges like uploading an image, displaying text or link it to a URL of your choice.
Each Cardano Space NFT or cell is 100% on-chain, so on top of being the first project to introduce the notion of owning a part of a space through a CNFT it also was the first project to introduce utility to CNFTs along with the art.
Here is a look at the actual state of Cardano Space:
Cardano Space
Cardano Space
To explore the Cardano Space cells you can visit the following link: Explore Cardano Space and to know more about the project you visit the following links:
Discord is the home of NFT communities, and Cardano collectibles aren’t exempt from it. In order to ensure an optimal experience for the community of a CNFT oriented Discord server, be it a project, a CNFT collectors discord or a friends one, bots are tools that can customize and offer attractiveness to your Discord server.
The following two bots come as an update to a previous piece that we made about Discord CNFT bots:
Wen Bot:
Wen Bot is a bot designed to help assist CNFT Discord communities it has been, developed by JSHy. Wen Bot is a 100% free projects database/calendar to discord servers that wish to use it, here are some of the features that come along with it that we found in the project’s discord:
  • Displays basic info about projects minting in the next month
  • Displays all projects in the database, pre-mint and post-mint 
  • Displays an information card for a project with more in-depth info 
  • Add a project to your favorites
  • Removes a project from your favorites
  • Displays your favorite projects
  • Sorts all projects by total Favorite Points (this is a great way to view what projects the community as a whole supports) 
  • Countdown until a project mint
You can stay updated on everything WenBot by following their socials: Twitter & Discord
Security Bot:
Security Bot is a bot designed to protect NFT Discord communities from scammers, it has also been developed by JSHy , and it is a service based on a monthly subscription (for more information about the pricing plans refer to the bot’s discord following the link down below).
As per the Security Bot’s discord its main features contain the following: 
  • Automatically detects and deletes any Cardano wallet address that isn’t allowed
  • Verify allowed addresses to confirm authenticity
  • Prevent scammers from imitating staff members
  • Prevent known scammers from joining your server at all
  • Purge unverified members every 30 minutes to help prevent DM spam and other bot attacks
  • Block shilling in any channel other than your specified shill channel
You can stay updated on everything the Security Bot team shares via their socials : Twitter,Discord
This week’s featured NFT of the Week is a Community favorite and one of the most respected Project in the CNFT Space.
We have teamed up this week to deliver you an exclusive interview with the Bitlands team on their project and what they’re heavily working on these days. We hope you enjoy this very in-depth discuss we’ve had below:
When did the project first drop?
The idea to create some sort of generative islands is actually in my head for quite a while. I’ve experimented with both 2D and 3D styles.
As I’m a big fan of Cardano and its community since 2017 and saw that the first NFTs were created I’ve decided to publish my own project on that blockchain. I’ve started the development of Bitlands in April 2021 and minted the first NFTs on 24th August 2021.
What is the process behind the creation of a Bitland?
For me and many other in the community Bitlands is something unique in the NFT space in terms of style and concept. Unlike many other land plot projects, the land plots in Bitlands are also already art, as each island is uniquely generated. The generation algorithm and the art were developed side by side. I’ve started to create some assets like the surface of the Bitland and some trees and fed them to the algorithm to see how it looks and feels.
After hundreds of iterations, creating new assets, and fine-tuning the algorithm I was quite happy with the result. After that NFT-MAKER was a big help for me to release the project since I did not need to mint the NFTs on my own or pay any upfront minting costs.
How was the CNFT community’s response to your project?
Bitlands was my first NFT project, so I did not have expectations about what happens when I dropped the first Bitlands. It was just crazy. The first 1k Bitlands took 2 days to sell out. This opened a problem for me since the creation of the animations took some time. I’ve started to let two PCs run for over a week to create all 7k animation videos. Even more crazy was that the next 1k Bitland took around 2h to sell out completely. I was just amazed by the attention and hype of the people for the art of Bitlands.
This attention and the support of the community really motivated me to push Bitlands forward and made it a long-term project for me. To do that I’ve started to scale the team and now 5 people are working very hard behind the scenes to make Bitlands successful.
What is the long term vision behind Bitlands Builder?
Our vision is to be the go-to 2D metaverse project on Cardano. It’s a long way until then and the Bitlands Builder is the first very important step towards our mission. It allows people to place NFT assets on their Bitland to personalize it. We want to actively help drive the Cardano community forward and create real applications to strengthen the community.
To achieve this we will implement a variety of different things. For example: it will be possible to extend the space of your Bitland with landmasses, explore and interact with an avatar, and put your Bitlands on sky plots which lets you interact with the whole metaverse. Right now we are also actively working on the P2E mechanics to let people earn while interacting with the whole ecosystem. You see there is a lot on our list but for now, the Builder is the first step that will leap the project forward a lot.
Do you have any future collaborations planned?
Definitely! We already did a great collaboration with Pandorea to release the first 200 background Bitems around Christmas. We have a long list of awesome projects we want to work with, but the priority, for now, is to create the foundation for the metaverse. This means we will need to find standards and ways to let creators use our platform to sell their content and get their share. One thing we currently do internally is baking everything with lore. We have a professional writer in our team who will write a book about the background story of the Bitlands universe. Those chapters will also be minted as NFTs then.
We want to reward people by holding certain NFTs. Imagine you are holding a SpaceBud in your wallet which will give you an avatar with which you can walk over your Bitland.
Personally, I’m looking forward to a collaboration with BitFins because Tyler (the one behind BitFins) basically started as a big part of the team in the early days of Bitlands and then created the awesome BitFins project. We are already in contact about a possible collaboration.
Bitlands: House Bitems
Bitlands: House Bitems
We’re more than excited for the next phase of the Bitlands growth and we can’t wait for everyone to join in and celebrate one of the project that constantly and deliver quality to the CNFT Community.
Stay in touch with the project via all their communication channels:
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