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High Utility NFTs, metaPXLZ and Pendulum as our Star of the Week

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  • ADAHandle is Finally Live: One of the most anticipated CNFT Releases of Q1 has finally landed and it’s glorious. The whole community seems to be enjoying this high-utility NFT and they’re right, this totally revolutionizes how we are sending from one to another. Mint yours here!!
  • DeFi NFTs?: Minswap in a revolutionary fashion has used NFTs for their LBE program and are using this NFT to provide LP Yield Boosts, and differentiate the Boost from one holder to another. Truly impressive use of the NFT Technology.
Minswap Meteor Liquidity Bootstrapping Event NFT
Minswap Meteor Liquidity Bootstrapping Event NFT
  • DEADPXLZ 3D collectibles! This week the DEADPXLZ Team revealed metaPXLZ, which are derivative NFTs based on the original DEADPXLZ collection, but in 3D. There’s 10K of them, each corresponding to one original PXL and are available for claim here.
Nano Chess is a 100% on-chain chess NFT with A.I. opponents with varying difficulties, as per the project details on the project’s website, each Nano Chess NFT is a full game with the source code contained in the asset’s metadata. Each NFT from the collection has a certain A.I. difficulty from the 4 available: 
  • Novice - A.I. looks 2 moves ahead.
  • Pro - A.I. looks 3 moves ahead.
  • Expert - A.I. looks 4 moves ahead.
  • Master - A.I. looks 5 moves ahead.
A live Demo is available to try on the project’s webpage:
On top of the difficulties, there are also 6 different designs and 2 style variations that await the collectors of the project, a detailed rarity table is available on the collection’s website. Nano Chess CNFTs are still available to mint for 42 ADA.
Link to the NANOCHESS website: Website
Link to NANOCHESS social: Twitter
A lot of newcomers or even older participants in the Cardano NFT sphere wish to be as well as passionate CNFT collectors, able to identify the next big hit in the space or in the case of missing the mint of a collection be reactive as to scoop some up in the secondary market at fairly decent prices.
The tool that we will be covering this week will help you get the deals that you wish for CNFTs on the secondary market as well as give you some pointers to know what CNFT projects big collectors are getting into: 
CNFT Trader Pro:
CNFT Trader Pro is a software that provides tools that let you automate your CNFT trading journey, for now, the service offers two main features: 
  • CNFT Sniper: A scanning tool that gives you the ability to scoop up a CNFT from a project of your choosing when it gets listed below a chosen price of yours.
  • Wallet Tracker: A tool that lets you track wallets of your choosing and notifies you whenever they mint something new.
To have access to the service you need to follow the steps below: 
  • Buy a Legacy Pass for 60 ADA from the tool’s website.
  • Verify yourself as a Legacy Pass holder through the nftkey tool.
For more information on how the tool works you can check out their video on YouTube: How does CNFT Trader Pro work?
  • Link to the CNFT TRADER PRO website: Website
  • Link to CNFT TRADER PRO social: Twitter
This week’s Featured NFT is Pendulum, a mysterious and highly art- focused NFT Project. They come in with a very special cyberpunk approach to their design and have a great focus on revolutionary messages.
The person behind the art goes by the nickname, “Cozmo” who has been working on his pieces for roughly 5 months to deliver the artwork and we’re all expecting a very advanced amount of traits and variations compared to the average NFT project.
Pendulum: Mouth Conepts
Pendulum: Mouth Conepts
Pendulum: Head Concepts
Pendulum: Head Concepts
Pendulum: Ears Concept
Pendulum: Ears Concept
The first season of Pendulum, that they’re naming “SEASON OF ORDER” will be minted for 100 ADA per NFT on March 16th at 10 PM UTC. This is a quick flip or an immediate sellout kind of project, it definitely looks like one that will take its time and will find the right audience that cares about the craft, not traders, which is why they chose a high mint price.
So in short, these are the minting details:
  • WEN: Wednesday, March 16th, at 10PM UTC
  • COST: 100 ADA
  • TRANSACTIONS: 1 NFT per transaction
  • WHERE: The Pendulum website, you can keep an eye its release on their Social Platforms, shared below.
You can follow Pendulum’s last few days before the Mint, and join this devoted community on both Twitter and Discord.
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