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EXCLUSIVE ORE x3 INTERVIEW, Hornnies is our Star of the Week & CCVault on the Spotlight

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CCVault is a certified DApp: This week has been a very big one for CCVault (previously known as CCWallet), they have been integrated with jpgstore as a compatible wallet and added to SundaeSwap and MuesliSwap as compatible DApp. After the release of their mobile apps, they’re now playing in the big leagues and we’re all happy to see it.
CNFT Awards to the moon: with plans to compose and their official OST by a professional scoring orchestra, which in itself is an indicator of how grandiose this event is going to be, if the sponsors involved aren’t enough of a sign.
The show is happening on the 19th February for the world to witness how well the CNFT Community celebrates their artists.
NFT DAOs are taking over CNFTs: the CNFT Community has witness a massive surge in sales for the most coveted pieces in the marketplaces. RatsDAO is the most well-known one and the one who made the biggest impact after acquiring a Berry NFT for 115 000 ADA, with a goal to fractionalize it and see their community benefit from this investment.
Berry Cardinal
Berry Cardinal
CNFTCon x ClayMates: The CNFTCon team and The Claymates have collaborated for a special ticket for the first 5000 ticket buyers. The event is happening on the 8th & 9th of October at the glorious Las Vegas Convention Center.
ClayNation & CNFTCon
ClayNation & CNFTCon
This week we have an exclusive interview with one of the most coveted artists of the Cardano NFT scene, with more details on the behind the scenes and the 2022 outlook of their project.
Without further talk, find below our interview with the Ore x3 team:
1. When did you start drawing and what inspired your style? 
I started drawing pretty early. I have been doing it professionally for 6 years now. Anime and manga were always close to my heart from a very young age. I remember redrawing the characters and monsters from Yugioh! so many times. It was always the variety of monsters, creatures and characters that inspired me and the possibly to collect and own them. So it only felt natural that I wanted to go into that direction with my CNFT project.
My style is influenced by many different manga, anime and movies. There are many artists whose lines are huge inspirations because of how they are drawn, such as Taiyo Matsumoto, Daisuke Igarashi, and Yoshihiro Togashi. I remember seeing Taiyo Matsumotos work for the first Time and being just blown away by how free and expressive he was drawing. 
Most of the time, the characters that I create in my pieces are meant to visually represent a kind of aftermath of what they’ve been living through. This also includes what they stand for. Like everyone of them has a story that you only get to see one picture of. That way of storytelling, the way Information is shown or left out of a characters appearance has always been so intriguing to me. And sometimes I just want to draw expressive and dynamic poses. 
2. When did the ORE ORE ORE CNFTs first drop? 
The First Drop was on the 15th of October. It sold out instantly and I could not be happier with how the project has been developing ever since and how we found an awesome and committed community. Since then we had further 3 Drops with incredible instant grab on all NFTs from the community. 
3. What is the process behind an ORE ORE ORE CNFT? 
An Ore NFT is a unique artwork drawn by me, encased in a custom designed frame, meant to be held and appreciated. There is a full value transfer so the process is something people can understand since it wasn’t generated in bulk.
The whole team including my manager Row, who runs and NFT Maker Pro, minting and uploading as well as some marketing efforts put the project in the spotlight. Then it is up to the community to make the project successful. 
4. How was the CNFT community’s response to your project? 
The community response has been overwhelmingly positive. As mentioned before, we ourself have a tight and dedicated community, called the OREMOB, that is growing around the project.
I was able to meet some collectors at ART Basel last year where we had a small exhibition with FTX in Wynwood. People that love Manga, Anime and Street culture are here for the art and exited for what’s to come. I couldn’t be more grateful.
Ore Ore Ore
Ore Ore Ore
5 What can we expect from the ORE x3 in 2022? Do you have anything special to announce? 
We are constantly working on not only improving our CNFTs and the capabilities of NFTs as they expand into expanded territory. Additionally, we are including OREMOB in the project. To give them not just a piece of art but a world in which they can be an active part of the whole thing. That’s why we recently introduced the OREMOB Burner phone.
This can only be acquired by ORE NFT holders and can, thanks to the wonders of NFT, actually receive messages and texts from the team. Those texts will give them exclusive access to secret drops, live sessions with the team and a further confirmation of our commitment to early ORE CNFT collectors. As a result, it will really make it feel like a more interactive experience.
We are also working on an PFP drop to further grow the Community and to really explore this new medium that NFTs have given us. For the PFP drop I want to create characters that not only look like they are part of the MOB but also have their own personality and visual characteristics. To achieve this I drew alot of inspirations from Y2K harajuku street fashion and character heavy movies. Like think Kill Bill but instead of the deadly viper assassination squat 6 we have approx. 
10.000. Our ORE OGs are our bridge, and we want our ORE MOBs to follow us. Combining ORE OGs with the PFP project is therefore crucial. Accordingly, with the coming drop, so-called burnerphones will be made available to Mint - the policy will remain open so we can update the device itself with messages. If a phone is sold for example it will become unusable. Also we are thinking of a smaller KYC process to ensure there is no double dipping on phones that are the ultimate key to all the perks. We might even introduce real physical phones at some point depending on the success of the coming drops. 
ORE x3: Burnerphone
ORE x3: Burnerphone
6. Do you plan on adding Utility to your CNFTs? 
Existing utilities include pre-sale eligibility for upcoming drops, for example. As much utility as possible should be brought into the project. 
With the burner phone, which will have a one-time fee, we will enhance the experience for OGs by providing ongoing happenings, alerted by the burner phone, and on-site check-ins so that you grow in rank and become relevant to a small elite-group within the community as you participate on a regular basis. By not just shilling the discord but also by living it. I can tell you many names already from our discord that have what it takes to come leaders in the ranks. 
But with the PFP drop the roadmap will be so much fun and our OGs will sit at the Helm of decision making. We could talk about things like Treasury, DAO, games, etc. and other fancy words to try to sell our idea. In the end people want to be entertained and know that the team is working hard with the money given to them. They also want to know that we are sticking to our promises. 100% of our approach is to talk less and work harder. 
There are two things in this market - CNFT drops that are ART - sadly not so many on Cardano yet and PFP projects - many out there. A true exchange of history between an artist and their art exchanged in a sale is one thing. However, a fund raiser with fun art in the thousands is another. Because that is the community’s expectation. When someone sells you art - what more can you expect. You got something he might sell for 3-5k for maybe 500 ADA. You can buy more art and hope the art is more respected, but the investment X factor that a lot of people also wish for is nearly impossible. Thats why we want to bring more hype and more partners on board. Cause this is a 24/7 project. 
For the ORE right now there are a limited number of works of art and their value is already there – they typically can sell for between a thousand to six thousand ADA on the secondary market. So I think we have done quite well to make buying a piece of ORE Art a no-brainer - thats the true utility. But with the PFP project, we are certain that the utility of the funds raised will be a key to success to manage a project in the space not as a money grab but a community that can gain from its communal values. 
Ore Ore Ore
Ore Ore Ore
7. Do you have any future collaborations planned?
We currently talk to several other projects and opinion leaders like entertainers and fashion projects to make sure we draw in more interest. Our drop with Joel Madden was really spontaneous and the Airdrop for our community turned out well. So we already have several other things lined up to enhance the AIRdrop vibes.
With a team that is international in nature, there is no doubt in my mind that this will become one of the most valued communities in the CNFT world. But we do not want to give anything away just yet. One thing is clear if you make NFTs you also have a big influx of items that can dilute the market value of the core OGs. Therefore, it is critical to balance that. Our OGs need to gain value from any partnership. We are committed and ready to take it to another level. 
Ore Ore Ore
Ore Ore Ore
NFT Maker Pro recommendation: 
Follow ORE on his Instagram with over 158.000 Fans and their Discord if you want to join the ORE MOB. 
Essential Links:
Pavia is the first CNFT project to take on the big adventure that is building a metaverse on Cardano. Just like the project’s website indicates the project is still in early stages but already has more than 8700 land owners for over 60.000 parcels minted as of now.
Each Pavia land NFT comes with coordinates that give the ability to owners to locate their land inside the Pavia metaverse through the Pavia Map that shows on top of the lands the different key emplacements such as the central plaza, the stadium, the portals etc… information such as land owners usernames or social links are also available when clicking on a certain land.
Pavia Land
Pavia Land
Pavia Metaverse
Pavia Metaverse
Since Pavia’s ambition is to build a full metaverse, avatars will thus be needed to populate the Pavia lands, which is why via Pavia Avatars users can create their own avatar to have a first look at what they will look like in the future.
Link to Pavia website : Website
Links to Pavia socials : Twitter, Discord
The Pavia Experience
The Pavia Experience
This week’s piece will serve as an update to a previous one where we’ve discussed CNFT marketplaces. In a matter of months new marketplaces launched and the necessity of having smart contract transactions became mandatory.
The following is a list of some marketplaces that introduced and helped normalise the smart contract based transaction to the CNFT space : 
Jpgstore is a Cardano based NFT marketplace, despite a stealth launch it created a lot of buzz since it immediately had Smart Contract transactions, making buying/selling CNFTs very fluid and simple.
To use jpgstore you only need to have a DApp Wallet which you will connect to the website, no KYC no accounts are needed in order to interact with the marketplace. Royalties for creators are also functional on jpgstore, which is very important for projects.
Genesis House is a CNFT marketplace with over 1000 verified projects that offers Smart Contract based transactions, a little pink checkmark is displayed on items that are on sale using Smart Contracts. To use Genesis House you must first create an account then connect your DApp wallet with the marketplace in order to buy/sell CNFTs on it.
Royalties are also supported on Genesis House, and one of its biggest advantages for project creators is the speed at which collections are verified.
  • Link to the Genesis House website : Website
  • Links to Genesis House Twitter : Twitter 
Cardahub is a CNFT marketplace thats offers minting functionalities (Free if you keep the Cardahub trademark) and buying/selling of Cardano NFTs. No KYC and no accounts are required to interact with the Cardahub marketplace, users can use Nami,Gero or ccvault as their wallet to connect with the platform, Yoroi wallet integration is also coming soon.The fact that users have a choice between the wallet that they can use represents a big selling point for Cardahub.
Adding to the minting and buying/selling services Cardahub also offers a tool with which users can send ADA to multiple Addresses in one transaction. 
CNFT.IO is the first and arguably one of the biggest if not the biggest CNFT marketplace. We covered CNFT.IO in the first piece about CNFT marketplaces, at the time CNFT.IO didn’t support Smart Contracts nor royalties, it does now.
To use CNFT.IO you first have to create an account then in order to buy CNFTs using smart contracts you need to connect your Nami wallet to the website. 
Hornnies are a collection of 10,000 pixelated hand drawn bull designs that come in all shapes and sizes.
For some backstory, they are a heroic and mythical species of bull that live peacefully, hidden away from all civilization. However, every 3000 years at the beginning of the Taurids Meteor Shower, the collective populace of Hornnies enter the light to gather and compete in the Superbull.
The first Superbull was said to have taken place many millennia ago as a system to determine the best among all Hornnies. Through tournaments of skill, strength and speed, these bullish contenders face off to attain the supreme title of Hornstar.
The goal is to build a fully on-chain game where players can have fun, train, and enter their Hornnies NFT into a variety of tournaments with an entry fee, and winners can take home the prize pool!
Hornnies S1
Hornnies S1
Hornnies S1
Hornnies S1
Hornnies S1
Hornnies S1
Their S1 Collection is releasing this week with a pre-sale happening on January 26th 2PM EST & the public sale: January 27th 2PM EST at 35 ADA each with a supply of 10 000 NFTs for this Collection.
You can catch up with the Hornnies on all their social and not miss one Sneak Peek, you can find the links below:
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