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  • Dream Space: Lead by the Shook Boyz Team, this weekend we will be witnessing a special entertainment event reuniting some of the most popular CNFT Projects to raise awareness on Suicide Prevention, in occurrence: Lucid Dream, The Clay Mates, Yummi Universe & The Hoskinsons. The Project will have musical performances, some Zen sessions and a Dream Shop where 50% of the sales will go to Suicide Prevention Organizations. More information on their website: https://www.shookboyz.com/dreamspace
  • Shockwaves CNFT: The CNFT Community as usual leading by example has gathered some of the most prolific projects like ADA Ninjaz, MaskedOnButtons & Hornnies. The project is collaborating with #TEAMSEAS the famous Sea Cleaning project, so many famous influencers worked with. More information here: http://mobcnft.io/shockwaves
  • ADA Handle first tests with Nami: This week we got a sneak peak demo on the simple, easy, and stress-free solution the ADA Handle CNFT Project is going to provide for transactions. The video below sums it up nicely:
  • Budja.io is now live: In collaboration with Austrian art collector, Rudolf Budja, Patrick Tobler, founder of NFT-MAKER.IO, presented the first fractionalized NFT project on Cardano under the brand Budja.io. You can now take part in the sales of famous artworks, including pieces from Andy Warhol by subscribing to the Memberships program, giving you exclusive access to special events, pre-sales and even the ability to sell your membership as an NFT on the secondary market.
Budja Membership Program
Budja Membership Program
Our CNFT space is so young, that doors to innovation are always wide open. The project that we will be covering for this week’s piece is well-known to our readers and continues to bring fresh ideas to the table.
Worlds Within is the first project to introduce explorable CNFTs through
Virtual Reality, the idea behind it is to give holders the ability to explore their lands as well as discover new ones, and thanks to the VR compatibility the experience becomes totally immersive.
To get to know more about the project we have the Worlds Within team as our guests for this week to answer some of our questions : 
1- What is the team behind Worlds Within?
“The team is a collective of VR and Crypto Enthusiasts, we originally started as a team of guys who loved playing Echo VR. Our love and passion for Echo VR turned into a want to build community tools for the game. We create a suite of tools for players and the organizations broadcasting VR e-sport matches. During this time we were carefully watching and participating in the Cardano community. “
Worlds Within VR
Worlds Within VR
2- Why a VR project? 
“VR is the unifying factor that brought us together as a collective. We have thought about many ways of introducing the Cardano community to the community of VR enthusiasts and vice-versa.”
3- How did you find the CNFT community’s response to the project? 
“Our community response was fantastic, people were very excited to check out each world as each world is 100% unique. The addition of having no rarity scaler also enticed holders as they could come up with their own stories and create their own value.”
Words Within VR
Words Within VR
4- When is the next drop? 
Our current drop will last until Jan 16th with plans for a second drop not having a current date. You can get your own here: https://www.worldswithin.io/
5- What are your long term plans? Will there be new innovation implemented into the project?
“Our plans for the future are a Marketplace, Avatar System, and a UI System coming in the first quarter of 2022. And multiplayer coming in the second quarter of 2022. We are very exited to showcase these new updates when they are ready.”
Worlds Within VR
Worlds Within VR
Last week we covered minting tools for you to mint your first CNFT, it served as an introduction to what happens behind the scenes of CNFT projects. For those of you interested in a deeper dive into Cardano NFTs, this week’s piece is for you. Understanding the metadata behind each NFT, how the art is made, how to use a Cardano Node for CNFTs and more. The following resources will help you kickstart your CNFT learning journey: 
The NFT MAKER Developer Diaries is a series starring Kyle, the developer of CNFT project Boo Crew. The series is available on youtube and targets CNFT enthusiasts that wish to learn more. As of today, the series covers the following topics : an introduction to NFTs on Cardano, an overview of the minting process and what happens through each step, as well as detailed tutorials on how to build the art and metadata of the NFTs. New videos will be released on a regular basis to guide you in your learning journey.
Link to the NFT Maker Youtube Channel : Youtube
NFT Developer Diaries-Episode 6: Generating Unique Art-Part 1
NFT Developer Diaries-Episode 6: Generating Unique Art-Part 1
CNFT Academy is an e-learning platform focused on CNFTs, the first four lessons were posted last month, and are open to everyone. These first lessons cover the setup of a Cardano Node and how to use it to send ADA transactions as well as mint CNFTs, more lessons will follow to dig even deeper into Cardano NFTs. The lessons are available via videos and written tutorials making them easier to follow and understand. In order to get more information surrounding the project we asked the CNFT Academy team some questions : 
1- Who is the team behind CNFT Academy?
“I am, Raul Rosa. CNFT Academy is still early, so I am the only team member. I hired a friend for the website but content (video and texts) are made by me.”
2- How did the idea for a CNFT learning platform come? 
“Many times I got asked how do I run my own Cardano node and how to start. Online material is not so clear and easy to understand that’s why I decided to make some videos to make it a piece of cake.”
3- What courses are already available ?
“Videos available are a guide to run a Cardano node from zero, sending ADA transactions and minting CNFTs.”
CNFT Academy Platform
CNFT Academy Platform
4- What will be your future lessons?
“The future is really wide, how to run a minting vending machine? How to create on-chain NFTs? Different approaches for minting (pre-mint and on demand mint).”
5- What are your long term plans?
“I would like to improve my courses content with Plutus development and create certification courses for developers. The future of Cardano is built together with new devs coming in the community.”
Link to the CNFT Academy website : Website
Links to CNFT Academy socials : Twitter, Discord
Universe25 is a critique to the modern age instant gratification trend that we mainly consume through our phones. They approach this theme by exaggerating the practice itself with a very peculiar approach to their PR and Community Management.
The team has setup a whole Discord Bot, O’Brien the rat, who manages the community & shares interesting Lore about the projects and what it encapsulates. The idea is that we’re all slaves to the instant gratification and it makes nothing more than subjects to a higher race controlling us.
As they like to frame it: “ In the beginning there was a world, it was a beautiful world, that breathed life into everything, and everything was balanced. Then we came along and well, we kinda fucked things up! Not all of it, but human nature lead to some very bad things…”
UNV25 Test Subject
UNV25 Test Subject
The Team is composed of 4 main team members:
  • Max, he’s the main person in charge of communication.
  • Ivan, the project manager.
  • Flavio, the artist behind all the artworks.
  • George, the engineer who is building everything UNV25: Vending Machine, Blockchain etc.
And they want to make sure everyone knows that what they are building goes BEYOND just selling NFTs or a simple release program, with a stake pool already announced and a really cool roadmap layout showing this is only the beginning.
UNV25 Test Subject
UNV25 Test Subject
Learn more about the team, the project and everything Universe25 on the link below:
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