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Cornucopias' first NFT Public Sale, Reva's World special NFT approach and a Raging Marketplace Race

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The Marketplace Space is evolving fast: In a riveting video by the Opencnft team, we can how the Marketplace environment has become a fierce battle between each project. The video below shows it perfectly:
Marketplace Volume Race
Marketplace Volume Race
Bundle Listings: You can now sell multiple assets within the same project on with their newly unveiled feature, which gives the community even more flexibility on how they can trade their assets.
Charles releases a NFT focused Interview: Last week, the Drunken Dragon game team were the special guests in the Charles Hoskinson channel where they had a passionate 1 hour conversation on everything NFTs, Cardano and Metaverse.
Special Edition: Interview with Drunken Dragon Games
Special Edition: Interview with Drunken Dragon Games
Reva’s world is the first CNFT collection to be turned into a film, the collection consists of 4 types of collectibles : 
  • Close Ups
  • Long Shots
  • StoryBoard Panel
  • Specials
As the name of the collection indicates the film is about a young girl named Reva that collectors begin to know of through the project’s CNFTs, the interesting thing about Reva’s world is that the project is trying to go beyond the collectibles use-case for CNFTs but instead tries to tie the collected assets to a film.
To have a clearer idea of the project we are very excited to have Reva’s world team as our guests for this week’s piece : 
1- When did the project first launch ?
We released our first drop, in Late November 2021.
2- How did the idea for a film based project come ?
We had been working on this film for the past two years and through our journey of pitching to studio executives and working on multiple projects for studios we realized that the big corporate machinery is not going to throw their might behind a project like ours. Some films are meant to be made independently, studios work with a fixed mandate and are extremely averse to trying out things that don’t fit into that mandate.
NFT’s and films felt like a natural fit to us. It looked like this is where independent filmmaking is heading and we decided to give it a shot!
The creative freedom this would allow us while making the film made us want to go full steam ahead.
Reva's World: Close Up
Reva's World: Close Up
3- How will the transition from a CNFT project to a film happen ? 
As opposed to NFT collections being built around an already big franchise film, think anything Marvel. We decided to take the opposite approach. We created a collection around the film we will be producing, giving the collectors a chance to be part of the film and promoting the various faces behind the camera.
4- What will Reva’s World CNFT holders receive when the film launches ?
We have four categories of NFTs in our collection that depict our film and are mainly made out of the pre production source material, like Storyboard Panels, Location Scouting images with production notes scribbled on them and graphic Close Ups and Long Shots created from our Wardrobe Deck.
We have various rewards attached to these different categories.
Storyboard Panel holders will be airdropped the exact video shot from the film for the panel they hold, collectors who hold one from each category will be awarded a film credits in the opening sequence, this sequence will be minted into an NFT and sent to them.
We will also be collecting royalties which will be forwarded back to the community.
There is one other huge incentive which we can’t spell out too clearly because of legal reasons but all we can say is that once the film is completed we intend to sell it to a major streaming platform, which will generate revenue. The creators will not be the only ones benefiting from that revenue.
Reva's World: Specials
Reva's World: Specials
5- Can you talk to us about the story of the film ?
Here’s a brief write up about the film:
Reva’s life changes when she gathers the courage to make her grand
escape from the concrete forest of Metropolitan city and travel to the remote
fantastical village of Saral. They only problem is that, this village doesn’t exist on any map and no-one has ever heard of it.
All she has is her deceased grandfathers diaries and the stories he used to tell her as a child to find Saral.
She has been suffering from a disease called
Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity, which makes it physically painful for
her to be around any kind of electronics. Her last few years have been
consumed by the thought of finding Saral, a magical place nestled away in
the depths of the vast desert untouched by technology and modern living problems, a community that lives
off the earth, a simpler time which she believes will finally make her
Reva packs her stuff in her grandfather’s vintage van, which she has been
restoring according to her needs to one day make this journey. What she
thought would be a simple straight forward journey turned out to be
anything but that.
6- How was the CNFT community’s response to the project ? 
The answer to this question depends on what metric you use to gauge response.
We have minted around 500 NFTs up to date, which is far less than we expected, but the kind of community we have put together is truly special.
Not a single person has ever brought up floor price talk or floor sweeping conversations.
We have a community, although small but truly invested in the project and they have a strong belief in us and the project which is extremely humbling.
We haven’t raised enough funds to produce the film like we would have wanted to, but we have found ways to make it work. That being said we wouldn’t mind more people minting.
Reva's World: Long Shots
Reva's World: Long Shots
7- What are your future plans ?
Our collection has already helped us bag a ‘Bankable’ lead actress, as the studios call them.We are currently in talks with a few production companies to come on board a co- producers to cover the production cost that we were unable to raise. We are also in the middle of conversions with streaming platforms to buy the film from us at this stage itself, which will give us more funds to make the film better.
We will be releasing a follow up drop for this collection on e production begins, which should be in the next few months. We are just waiting for the weather to clear up on the locations that we want to film at. PR activities will also be beginning in the coming week.
Staking and a Launchpad for film NFT projects is also in the works. We will be making announcements about those too as soon as we have all our ducks in a row.
Reva's World: Storyboard
Reva's World: Storyboard
This week’s piece will be an update to one of our very first newsletter pieces that depicted Cardano wallets, essential to CNFT collecting / trading. The following tools are Cardano wallets that gained traction over the last few months :  
Ccvault is a light Cardano wallet developed by the two following stake pools : TITANstaking and AHLNET. You can use Ccvault directly on your browser or through a web extension available on Chrome,Edge,Brave and Opera, additionally Ccvault recently launched a phone application available on both Android and ios. Ccvault is also compatible with other wallets which means that you can load your other Cardano wallets directly on ccvault. 
Link to the CCVAULT website : Website
Links to CCVAULT socials : Twitter , Discord
Typhon is a fairly recent Cardano wallet available to download as an extension on Chrome,Brave and Edge. Typhon supports hardware wallets,multi-delegation in addition to many other features, Typhon also gives the choice to its users regarding the desired wallet-type be it an HD one like Daedelus or a light single-address one.
Link to the TYPHON website : Website
This week’s featured NFT of the Week is a bit special, it’s a full fledged game with NFT features. This week our star is Cornucopias.
Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a blockchain based Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn game where players own characters, land and other NFT (non-fungible tokens) based assets that have real world value, all hosted in a fun and expanding metaverse.
‘The Island’ is split into a number of themed zones such as the ‘Wild⋆West’ zone, ‘Farm Life’ zone, ‘Age of The Samurai’ zone etc where people of all ages can play a series of mini games, getting lost in the play-to-earn ecosystem where they can earn real world value as they explore and build in our safe and secure world.
The more creative players can design their own items such as coffee tables, beds and other household furnishings which can then be minted into an “Island Blueprint” that other players can then buy, gather the materials, and then craft in-game into a brand new NFT. Once created, the crafter can play with the items in their virtual dwelling or sell them onto other players to enjoy or sell on again. 
Cornucopias Game Trailer
Cornucopias Game Trailer
The Game will be built on four main principles: 
  • Play-to-Earn: The play-to-earn mantra is threaded into the Cornucopias vision bringing power and new economics to the player. By playing enjoyable games the player will be able to earn cryptocurrency which in turn can be converted into real-life currency. Imagine being paid to play a game!
  • Build-to-Earn: The game allows players to craft their own NFT such as furniture or tools and mint them into ‘Island Blueprints’. Other players can then buy, gather the materials, and then craft in-game into a brand new NFT. The new build-to-earn gameplay combined with the play-to-earn mechanic that the Cornucopias team are championing will take gameplay to a whole new level, and new economies will emerge from budding entrepreneurs coding and earning like never before.
  • Learn-to-Earn: Cornucopias are teaming up with some of the best educational centers in the world to build learning into the metaverse (More to come soon on an upcoming partnership with European Business University). Players ahem students will be able to enjoy learning via our educational centers and earn rewards through playing education mini-games.
  • Stake-to-Earn: There will be opportunities to stake and earn passive income and NFT’s on ‘The Island’ giving you risk free items you can use in-game or sell on the open marketplaces.
Cornucopias' Game Teaser
Cornucopias' Game Teaser
This week on February 1st, 2022 6:00 pm UTC they’re hosting their first ever public NFT sale for their in-game playable BUBBLEJET SPTINTER. The NFTs will be priced at 120 ADA and will be a random rarity-based drop. 
To participate in the sale, you need to get prepared as this first sale will only support the NAMI wallet, but more wallets will be added in the future. 
Sprinter PreReveal Cornucopias
Sprinter PreReveal Cornucopias
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