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CNFTs on Fire, $PAVIA & Cardano Apes featured & Hypebeasts is our Star of the Week

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  • $DING is LIVE: $DING is the utility & governance token of the DEADPXLZ ecosystem and they’re finally starting the distribution by encouraging their community to stake their Genesis PXLZ or metaPXLZ so they can earn some $DING. Start earning some $DING here.
  • An unexpected collaboration: Growing Pains & Chilled Kongz collaborated for a beautiful joint-effort to deliver the beautiful piece below:
Growing Pains x Chilled Kongz
Growing Pains x Chilled Kongz
BTS: Growing Pains x Chilled Kongz
BTS: Growing Pains x Chilled Kongz
  • Cardano NFTs on FIRE 🔥: The past few weeks we’ve been witnessing a seriously high activity in the Resale Market for some of the top projects in the space, in occurence a 135k ADA sale for @ChilledKongs, a 100k ADA sale for @The_ClayMates and mouth watering 75k ADA sale for @pxlzNFT. Can we get much higher?
  • Cardano Warriors Preview: The Cardano OGs shares first playable version of their highly acclaimed game, no words needed here, here the beautiful preview.
Cardano Warriors - First Playable Version Build
Cardano Warriors - First Playable Version Build
Apes have a special place in the NFTs space since the launch of the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club project, so it’s only natural that Cardano also needed its own Apes CNFT collection.
Cardano Apes are the OG Apes project on Cardano, the collection first launched during May of last year, starting with adult Apes then baby monkeys in September of the same year, here is a look at some of their pieces:
Cardano Apes were also one of the first projects to introduce 3D CNFT pieces featuring 3D Apes.
The project continued in its innovative path via a utility token, “BANANATOKEN” and their very own Metaverse. Here is a look at a Cardano Ape Land : 
Continuous innovative features like breeding, utility etc…makes Cardano Apes not only an OG CNFT project but also one of the most promising for the future.
For this week’s CNFT Tokens section we will be covering the $PAVIA token, the utility token of the very first CNFT metaverse project, PAVIA. The token was first dropped during December 2021 through an airdrop to PAVIA land owners, from the project’s first two sales.
As of now besides the PAVIA tokens distributed through airdrops you can get your hands on some through DEXs such as MueseliSwap and SundaeSwap. Furthermore, according to the tokenomics on the project’s website, $PAVIA will also be distributed through in-game rewards as $PAVIA will be the game’s currency.
Finally the total supply of $PAVIA tokens are a grand total of 2,000,000,000 $PAVIA. You can have a look at the $PAVIA tokens tokenomics by following this link: Pavia Tokenomics
This week’s Featured Project is a project from an already established project looking to upscale their offering. We’re talking about Hypebeasts, a collection of 5,000 next-generation avatars, created by the Cypherkicks team, that brings fashion from IRL to URL.
The Hypebeasts project aims to gamify collectible NFTs. Holders of Hypebeasts will be able to upgrade or customize the appearance of their NFTs by interacting with the “Hypebeasts Wearables Marketplace”.
Hypebeasts has partnered with well-known projects like DEADPXLZ, Disco Solaris, Ugly Bros, Derp Birds, and others to bring collectors special traits based on these popular collections. Hypebeasts will feature special traits from well known collections in the Cardano space.
The project aims to allow holders to express themselves, and this includes customizing their Hypebeasts with traits from some of their favorite projects.
Hypebeasts by Cypherkicks
Hypebeasts by Cypherkicks
Hypebeasts were airdropped as “unrevealed” NFTs on the 31st of March to the Cypherkicks holders. This means that all Hypebeasts share the same image, a GIF going through different concepts of what Hypebeasts will look like.
The team decided to do this to allow non-Cypherkicks holders to purchase random Hypebeasts, and create anticipation for the revealing event. Hypebeasts will be revealed in April 2022,. The event will be free for all, and no action from holders will be required.
Hypebeasts by Cypherkicks
Hypebeasts by Cypherkicks
The team believes in under-promising and over-delivering. The Cypherkicks project started as a purely art project, and quickly developed into much more than that. The idea with Hypebeasts is to bring the fashion world to the Web3 space, specifically to Cardano.
The Hypebeasts project is a next-generation PFP project. However, the integration of fashion elements will allow them to reach out fashion designers, artists, athletes, street artists, and others to bring value to their community, and lead the way for the next generation of artists to join the Cardano ecosystem.
Hypebeasts by Cypherkicks
Hypebeasts by Cypherkicks
You can follow the promising project on their website and social media platforms:
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