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CNFT's first XMas, Location Based NFTs & Artifct's Moon Drop

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Christmas Special Sales Everywhere: The title says it all, from Neverengine, to Yummi Universe, everyone celebrate the first CNFT Xmas and it was delightful to watch. I mean… Imagine you minted this:
NeverEngine Xmas Special
NeverEngine Xmas Special
Clayverse: The Claymates have been very active with their next step in the making, they’ve been teasing Lodging, Legs and many more aspects that would complete the currently minted NFTs their community is cherishing. This week they shared an amazing video teasing an upcoming Metaverse for their community:
The Clayverse
The Clayverse Seller Rating System: The popular CNFT Marketplace has put in place a sellers rating that is displayed on their token listing. This will be useful for the community, so if a seller has a bad rating it’s preferable to avoid them! Seller Rating Syste, Seller Rating Syste,
Cardano NFT Awards: This week we had the sweet surprise of seeing a very enticing project pop on our timelines. The very first Cardano NFT Awards Event celebrating the best of Cardano’s NFT projects. The event is planned for the 19th of February 2022 and will take place right on, right after the Voting Phase has ended.
Crypto Mayor is the first Location based NFT set on Cardano, each Crypto Mayor NFT is a token that represents a specific city in the world, here is an example of a Crypto Mayor NFT representing the city of Barcelona:
Crypto Mayor for City of Barcelona
Crypto Mayor for City of Barcelona
As you can see on the previous example the metadata of the Token includes the latitude and longitude of the represented city. As of today 10,000 tokens representing 10,000 different cities have been released, each token holder is considered “Crypto Mayor” of its represented city. The project was first launched in April 2021, each token maps to a certain city through the Geo-names website, that offers coordinates of cities around the globe. The project’s aim is to release tokens for every city in the world, the minting process leaves the choice to the user to buy the token which leads to the city of his choice, some cities are still available to mint.
Link to the Crypto Mayor website : Website
Links to Crypto Mayor socials : Twitter, Discord
I bet you already read or heard of “DYOR” (Do your own research) somewhere, I mean who didn’t right? Well research is a very big and important part of being a CNFT investor/holder, and since social media plays a big role in our research, we decided for this week’s piece to talk about how you can use social media to your advantage as a tool to get an edge when it comes to CNFTs. The following are resources that could be useful when it comes to researching Cardano NFTs : 
The Cardano community is pretty big and active on Reddit, therefore CNFT communities where future drops, actual projects are shared are pretty common, the biggest one of them is CardanoNFTs with over 12.3K members, it has been around since February of this year. If you’re interested on getting news and information regarding CNFTs like the upcoming or actual marketplaces, drops to look out for and more, the CardanoNFTs community can be of great utility to you. Fresh CNFT projects also often post on the CardanoNFTs Reddit community to get the word out on their upcoming launch.
Link to the Reddit Cardano NFT community : CardanoNFTs
Twitter is undoubtedly the biggest social media for crypto in general, it is no surprise that it is also the most influential one when it comes to NFTs and thus CNFTs. Besides Discord CNFT projects rely heavily on their presence on Twitter, so in order to stay informed of the latest drops as well as actual or future products related to Cardano NFTs, you can scroll through the #CNFT or #CNFTcommunity hashtags to see what has been happening lately in the CNFT sphere. 
Twitter accounts such as CNFT News brief you on everything new happening through their twitter feed as well as youtube channel : CNFT News Youtube
Trich is a tool that allows you to track the biggest CNFT twitter accounts, so that you can have an idea about the biggest projects with the most followers in the Cardano NFT sphere.
It is also possible to track CNFT projects by their growth on Twitter, here is a link to the Cardano NFTs Trich website so that you can get around it as you please : Cardano NFTs Trich
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Artifct, formerly known as, is well known for their promising marketplace (currently in testing), but they surprised us this week with an exciting announcement surrounding their Artifct Spaces projecta series of worlds in the metaverse for the community to showcase their digital art, to host live events, to explore and connect with others. The goal behind this project is to bridge communication with the creative economy since “marketplaces aren’t social, and social media isn’t a good marketplace” as they claim.
Artifct Moon NFT
Artifct Moon NFT
They laid out a pretty specific Roadmap that consists of 3 phases:
Phase one — Moon NFT: It’s our NFT of the week, it consists of 5000 unique plots of land on the lunar surface, approximately 1.8M acres, as an NFT, which the team is including the features and details of each plot and its place in the metaverse.
Phase two — Artifct Spaces Launch. As specified, the Spaces will be a social platform for people to share their art, invite friends and host events. Your Moon NFTs will convert into a customizable, sub-dividable space in the metaverse that you’ll be able to share and explore with anyone, from any browser.
Phase three — Mars. Their metaverse is to expand over time and provide new places to explore.
Artifct Moon NFT
Artifct Moon NFT
The goal behind this NFT sale is to fund the future projects behind the Artifct team, as all profit from the initial NFT drop will be used to further the development of the Artifct ecosystem, including:
  • Artifct Academy to help onboard new users into the NFT space.
  • Artifct Create to simplify the creation and minting process for artists.
  • Artifct Spaces to drive the utility of Cardano within the metaverse.
The Cardano ecosystem is getting more and more exciting by the day, looking forward 2022.
We’re happy to have you part of this formidable ride and Happy New Year.
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