CNFT in the Valentines Vibe, CNFT Launchpads & LuckyPlanet as our Star of the Week

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CNFT on Valentines Themes: The CNFT Space is all set up in the colors and theme of Valentine, a few cute examples below:
Happy Hoppers Valentines
Happy Hoppers Valentines
LuckyPlanet Valentine
LuckyPlanet Valentine
CNFT Awards Vote: This week the Votes for the CNFT Awards took place and we saw massive interest from the community. We should be able to see the final results by the 19th, as specified on their Timeline below:
CNFT Awards Timeline
CNFT Awards Timeline acquires CardanoKidz: In a totally non-expected release, the Pavia team has announced that they have aquired the CardanoKids Project, in their Metaverse growth efforts. More details explained in their Press Release below:
ADA Ninjaz is the very first community-driven NFT manga on Cardano, the story of the anime revolves around a Clan war between three ninja factions: The Aramar Clan, Daisuke Clan, and Atsuko Clan.
For now two NFT seasons were released : Aramar and Atsuko. Here is a look at Ninjas from the two released clans :
To go with the NFTs, 7 chapters of the Aramar Origins Manga have been released here is a link to the chapters for our manga fans that wish to read them : Aramar Origins .
To have an immersive storytelling experience, the first step is to join one of the three clans, here is a link where the stories of the three clans are depicted : Clan Wars.
The launch of the third season “Daisuke Clan” is scheduled for Q2 2022, however a specific date hasn’t been determined yet:
If you wish to launch your CNFT collection and don’t have enough experience in the Cardano NFTs space, don’t know where to start or just confused about how to achieve certain things, this week’s piece is for you.
A CNFT launchpad is a program that will guide you in your journey as a CNFT creator and make it easier for upcoming artists to share their creations on the Cardano blockchain.
JPGSTORE is one of the biggest smart contracts driven NFT marketplaces on Cardano, it launched a CNFT launchpad not so long ago for upcoming artists that wish to share their art on Cardano.
As depicted in their website the JPGSTORE launchpad provides the following : 
  • A guaranteed verification on the JPGSTORE marketplace.
  • Help with the minting process through a structuring of your collection’s metadata.
  • Mentorship from JPGSTORE collaborators that are leaders in the Cardano NFTs space such as : Clay Mates, Clumsy Ghosts, Veggie Mates, Yummi Universe, Ugly Bros, Chilled Kongs, and Goat Tribe.
  • Special shoutouts to boost your visibility in front of the Cardano community.
  • Scam prevention tips to help protect your project as well as your community.
As of now the first round of projects accepted by the launchpad has ended, the applications for the second cohort will open next month.
Here is a link to the JPG STORE launchpad page if you wish to look for more information about the program : JPG STORE launchpad
LuckyPlanet is a heart-crafted CardanoNFT, handcrafted one by one. A set of a 1,000 bunnies that has been split into 3 Collections, the 3rd one dropping this week ( Feb 16th) .
Their team decided not to have a rarity chart or any special attribute for the bunnies, because they are all one-of-a-kind, they also have no ambitions for games, a metaverse, or any financial utilities.
Lucky Planet
Lucky Planet
Their goal is to dedicate the majority of the ADA they make from this project toward the production of an animated series created by LuckyPlanet team, who has over ten years of expertise in the animation industry.
With a purpose to spread the word about three main topics: Science, Global warming, and Human rights. Their show will not be limited to the rabbit characters, as they’re open to any form of storytelling that fits the brand’s topics. 
Lucky Planet
Lucky Planet
Their goal is to secure the content partners and launch a pilot episode in Q2 2022, the NFT-MAKER team can’t wait to see the results. The series, planned to be 20 episodes, is expected to be launched in Q4 2022 with a minimum of 3 minutes per episode.
Drop Details:
  • Release Date & Time: Feb 16, 3pm UTC
  • Amount: 299
  • Price: 60 ADA
  • Restrictions: It will be public mint
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