CNFT Awards Winners & our Star of the Week is HashGuardians

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CNFT Awards Winners:
  • Best Collectible CNFT: SpaceBudz
  • CNFT Of The Year: SpaceBudz
  • Best Community Driven CNFT: The ClayMates
  • Best Long Term Utility CNFT: VyFinance
  • Most Innovative CNFT: Unsigned Algo
  • Most Impactful CNFT: Hosky Token CNFT
  • Zeitgeist CNFT: Universe 25
  • Best Generative Art CNFT: The ClayMates
  • Best Digital Art CNFT: Aeoniumsky
CNFT Awards Categories
CNFT Awards Categories
Cardano Waifus is the first project to introduce Waifu NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Waifus are fictional characters mainly from anime that someone has affection for. The project has as of now released 4 different collections :
Cardano Waifu - SS Tier
Cardano Waifu - SS Tier
Daedalus Waifu - S Tier
Daedalus Waifu - S Tier
EMURGO Waify - A Tier
EMURGO Waify - A Tier
KAIZEN Waifu - C Tier
KAIZEN Waifu - C Tier
Each Collection’s Waifu has specific traits and preferences, let’s take the Kaizen Waifu as an example :
Traits & Preferences
Traits & Preferences
Besides the traits that are specific to each waifu, there is a tiers system to determine the rarity of you minted waifu. The tiers in descending order are: 
  • SS
  • S
  • A
  • B
  • C
The project recently released its Whitepaper that you can fully read here : Cardano Waifus Whitepaper , Waifu Tokens drops as well as future 3D models are among the topics depicted in the Roadmap Whitepaper.
Link to CARDANO WAIFUS website : Website
Links to CARDANO WAIFUS socials : Twitter,Discord
TOOL OF THE WEEK : CNFT Social Impact Platform
It is well known that one of the core missions of the Cardano Blockchain is social impact, so it is only natural for Cardano projects to have this goal as a core principal of their work. This week we will be covering a CNFT platform that aims to give an audience to artists as well as use its reach for the better good :
NFT HUBS is a platform that aims to create a space where Art meets charity through the sale of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. The idea is to attach each CNFT sale on the platform to a charity, by allocating 5% of the sale to a social mission.
You can visit the following link to have a look at the different charities that NFT HUBS work with : Social Impact. NFT HUBS provides a space where artists can have an audience to show their CNFTs to, and at the same time participate in the donation to one of the charities that NFT HUBS works with.
Link to the NFT HUBS website : Website
Links to NFT HUBS socials : Twitter
The HashGuardians Universe is a multiplayer, open-world action-adventure RPG built on the Cardano blockchain.
Based upon a play-to-earn economy and blockchain technology, the HashGuardians Universe will enable players to directly benefit from gameplay through claimable NFTs and HashCoins obtained by completing quests, mini-games, and open-world adventures using their unique HashGuardians NFT. You can equip your HashGuardians with unique loot items (minted as NFTs) or sell these items to other players on the secondary market.
There are eight unique HashGuardian species, each with its own level of rarity.
In the final HashGuardians game, there will be different planets that HashGuardians can travel between, and each HashGuardian species will have its own home planet.
When playing on their home planet, each species will have special abilities and receive a farming bonus multiplier. This will increase the player’s chance of earning NFTs as they complete quests and adventures.
To reward loyal HashGuardian NFT holders, they plan on creating a reward system around the HashGuardians universe. The token will be called HashCoins, and are the staking rewards for HashGuardian holders and will be the in-game currency of the HashGuardians game.
Every HashGuardians holder will receive 100 HashCoins per month for each HashGuardian owned. There will be a wallet snapshot on the first day of each month. HashCoins will be available to claim on their website after the monthly wallet snapshot.
To Reward their early holders and celebrate the Alpha of the game, they’re planning a special release of the HashBox. It’s their first open mint of in-game HashGuardians items, and they claim it will be the only time they ever drop, mint, or sell these specific assets!
Pre Alpha HashBox
Pre Alpha HashBox
Each HashBox holds 2 in-game items & is an entry into their Jackpot Raffle!
  • Early Access: 25 Feb 21:00 CET (Silver Tickets and HashCoins)
  • Public Sale: 26 Feb 21:00 CET (ADA)
  • Supply: 5,555
  • Price: 32 ADA or 5120 Hashcoins
Join the project and become the strongest HashGuardian in the universe!
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