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CCVault App, Clay Mates the Stop-Motion Leaders & Pizzada is our Star of the Week

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SUNDAESWAP BETA MAINNET: The main AMM DEX on Cardano has been building Hype for the longest, and we have been holding our breaths along and now we finally have a date and it’s this Thursday 20th January 2021. More details on this SundaeSwap Article. focuses on full Smart Contact Sales: The team has announced this week, that any new listing must now be via Smart Contract, and won’t accept the Off-Chain escrow style anymore. They have also added Royalties, since many NFT Project requested it.
CCVault is on Mobile now: Yoroi has serious competition now, the famous Cardano wallet who has been dominating the community due to their historical presence and their mobile app presence is now facing a community-favorite: CCVault.
They have released this week their iOS & Android apps and ready to deploy tons of new features in the coming month. Get yours here, no matter your device.
Clay Nation doesn’t need any introduction, the name of the project speaks for itself, it’s one of the hottest and biggest projects in the CNFT sphere, it is also a project that introduced a whole new way of doing NFTs.
As its name indicates Clay Nation is a collection of 10,000 characters with handmade clay traits, each character is unique and gives off a special vibe. Here is a look at some of the Clay Nation NFTs :
ClayMates by Clay Nation
ClayMates by Clay Nation
The characters displayed on the different Clay Nation NFTs are crafted with a lot of care as you can see through this video showing the making of a special Snoop Dog piece.
ClayMates by Clay Nation
ClayMates by Clay Nation
And here is the stop motion magic for which Clay Nation are pioneers in the CNFT space in action featuring the same Snoop Dogg piece :
Snoop Dogg - ClayMates Edition
Snoop Dogg - ClayMates Edition
TOOL OF THE WEEK : CNFT Reviewing Tools
CNFT reviewing websites are very useful tools for newcomers and veterans in the CNFT sphere, they give their view and valuable insights about an upcoming CNFT drop, or already released projects. If you are looking forward to a drop or want to get into an already released CNFT collection and want to know more about it before you pull the plug the following two tools will help you with that : 
Raqoon is an NFT projects reviewing website founded by Henry_TG it reviews projects from different blockchains thus CNFT collections.
The reviews on Raqoon are methodical and well organized, a project’s team, concept, community, roadmap art etc… are well depicted and reviewed individually.
A conclusion of the review is presented at the end with a score and a summary of the positive and negative aspects of the project in the eyes of the review writer. 
Example of a Raqoon review : Clay Nation Review
On top of briefing you on everything new happening through their twitter feed as well as youtube channel, CNFT news led by The Never Engine and TYLR With Spaces offers CNFT projects reviews through their weekly CNFT news update videos, a whole section of the segment is dedicated to CNFT drops & projects to watch, giving the viewers something to consider about those collections.
Links to CNFT NEWS socials : Twitter, Discord
This week’s Featured NFT of The Week is a bit special, it’s Pizzada a 10,024 NFTs project and their mission is to revolutionize the NFT space with a first of its kind Token that also provides voting rights in a real life business and with the earnings of the business do your part to support charities voted by YOU! to help ease world hunger.
Also the idea is a community driven real-life on-ground pizza chain, as they aim to build a pizza chain that will be guided by the NFT holders with major decisions like expansion locations, flavor of the month, brand outlook, uniforms and special sauces.
Pizzada: Pepperoni Devil
Pizzada: Pepperoni Devil
Voters will get special rewards for voting for these decisions. As per communities guidance profits from these outlets will be donated to charities oriented to ease world hunger!! These charities will be voted and finalized by Pizzada holders.
But thats all well and good why should they stop there…. All Pizzada holders get free pizzas redeemable at pizzada outlets! And you can add more free pizzas every 6 months by holding your token in 1 wallet:
🍕 Get Free Pizza
🚀 Vote for toppings, locations and more.
💰 Earn Pizza, XP and Drop
🥫 World Hunger
Pizzada NFT Sneak Peek
Pizzada NFT Sneak Peek
If you feel passionately about NFTs, helping ease world hunger, Pizza, and Business, you’ve come to the right place buddy!
The public mint will go live on 17th of January at 6PM (18:00) UTC The mint price is 80 ADA and it will all happen on website:
Useful Links:
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