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All Stars CNFT Weekend, The 1st 8-Bit CNFT Project, CNFT Discord Bots & Equine our Star of the Week

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Christmas Specials are on the Way: After the Halloween madness, it’s time for Christmas to bring its wave of special pieces and collections with notably Nerds & Virgins with a special design & Yummi Universe teasing a whole special Christmas drop for it’s Holders.
Yummi Christmas Special
Yummi Christmas Special
ADA Handle Testnet: ADA Handle went on Beta Sale finally and is testing their incredible NFTs iteration, and we cannot wait to see how well it would work out with all the amazing partners they have on boarded from SundaeSwap to
$HOSKY & Matthew Jura Collaboration: In celebration of the hottest s#!tcoin on Cardano ever, a high-quality artwork CNFT will be the fruit of the collaboration and will be put for sale the 18th December for 220₳ a piece for a total supply of 25 pieces and with that comes a HOSKY C(ash Grab)NFT & 25MM $HOSKY
$HOSKY  & Matthew Jura Teaser
$HOSKY & Matthew Jura Teaser
Smart Contracts on After a long long wait, and many competitors entering the field with Smart Contracts implemented, finally introduced Smart Contracts to their Marketplace where they claim that you can List with Nami Wallet and Buy with any Cardano Wallet.
CNFT Community Growth Update: There are currently 2,270,319 CNFTs in circulation, and more than 100 000 Wallets hold at least one CNFT, you can find a full breakdown below (Courtesy of Team):
  • 118,763 wallets with at least 1 #CNFT
  • 34,262 wallets with at least 10
  • 4,555 wallets with at least 100
  • 113 wallets with at least 1000
  • 13,157 wallets hold some $HOSKY C(ash grab)NFTs
CardanoBits is one of the early NFT projects to launch on Cardano, it introduced the very first 8bit pixel art CNFT collection. CardanoBits inspired multiple and a wave of pixel art projects that launched afterwards on the Cardano blockchain. The project is a collection of 10,000 collectibles that display different characters through pixel art, here you can see an example of a CardanoBits CNFT :  
It is with great pleasure that we have the CardanoBits team as our guests for this week’s piece to answer some of our questions regarding the project : 
1- When did CardanoBits first drop ?
“9 of April (the Easter’s day)”
2- Why the choice of an 8bit pixel art project ? 
“Always loved the minimalistic art and the old games, and since I’m a tech guy and not an artistic one… I felt that pixel art would be great to try to transmit what I wanted”
3- What is the idea behind the collection’s art ? 
“The very first idea behind, was to create a NFT collection on top of my favorite Blockchain. About the designs, I wanted to tribute some of the games that made a scare in my life, as metal slug (with the zombies and the mummies), but with a personal approach to each piece. I love developing, so i wanted to combine art and tech, that’s why I made an algorithm to auto-generate the pieces from the hand made traits.”
4- How does it feel to know that you are one of the very first CNFT projects?
“I’m very glad about it, and it was my dream to be in a very early stage of a project that I really admire. Cardano is awesome, and I love the idea behind it.”
5- How was the CNFT community’s response to your art ? 
“Wow, the response was amazing… As you know, the drop was very very quick and we had an insane peak of transactions. It’s until today, that lots of members from the community, are really active about cbits… Spreading love, making fan art… I feel really proud and happy. This is really one of the best things that happened in my life.”
6- What are your future plans ? 
“Well, this is the most difficult point… Because i really want the collection to remain unique, and don’t want to flood the market with more pieces… But in the other hand, I’m really excited about CNFTs, and have tons of designs (totally related to CardanoBits) I’ve made during the last months. I just don’t want to add non-sense utility, just for the goal of pumping the hype… 
I’m really looking for a next step, that helps the community (as I did with Collabits, with the awesome help of @withspaces, where we pushed the community a lot, and made lots of CNFT artists connect with each other).
I really love CardanoBits, more than anyone can think… They changed my life, my mind… For me, they are more than a collection, and seeing that people are starting to make their own versions or customizations, explodes my heart!”
Link to the CardanoBits website : Website
Links to CardanoBits socials : Twitter, Discord
TOOL OF THE WEEK : Discord Bots for CNFTs
Discord is the home of NFT communities, and Cardano collectibles aren’t exempt from it. In order to ensure an optimal experience for the community of a CNFT oriented Discord server, be it a project, a CNFT collector’s discord or a friends one, bots are tools that can customise and offer attractiveness to your Discord server.
So in this week’s piece we will be covering some CNFT bots that can be of great utility to a Cardano NFT Discord: 
The Cosmic CNFT Bot is a Discord bot thats allows its users to get specific information regarding a CNFT project of their choosing. The bot offers commands that give the possibility to show the floor of a specified CNFT project as you can see on the following example available on the bot’s website : 
Cosmic CNFT Bot
Cosmic CNFT Bot
As well as another main command that returns the attributes and other information regarding a specific asset from a CNFT collection as you can see on the following example : 
Cosmic CNFT Bot for Derp Birds
Cosmic CNFT Bot for Derp Birds
Finally the Cosmic bot can also track the sales of a CNFT project’s assets by returning the marketplace and price of the sale. A guide of the commands is available on the bot’s website as well as instructions on how to invite it to your Discord server.
Link to the Cosmic bot website : Website
Links to Cosmic bot socials : Twitter, Discord
CNFT tools is a platform that we already presented in a previous piece depicting CNFT rarity tools, on top of being a rarity tool CNFT tools also offers to projects that list with them a bot for their Discord server. The CNFT tools Discord bot offers the tracking of a specific project’s sales as well as its floor.
Link to the CNFT tools bot website : Website
Links to CNFT tools socials : Twitter, Discord
This week’s NFT Project of the Week is Equine, a project led by the some veterans from the Cardano community and an impressive team of 19 people (14 artists, writers, animators, a music composer on top of 4 developers)
Equine: Astronaut Horse
Equine: Astronaut Horse
Equine will also provide a special NFT mint, a Bundle instead of a singular NFT, with 1 bundle containing 3 NFTs (a pioneer horse, a jockey and a skin NFT) sold for 250 ADA. 
The project also extensively explains the three main components of the bundle with the racehorses being unique NFTs, each born with individual stats and features and age and die through the game. The jockeys are the second piece of the puzzle, each jockey will have one of 6 personalities, each of which impacts specific mental stats of a horse, some types enhance only one attribute, and some others enhance two. However, the magnitude of total enhancement is equal. Skins are designed to add fun to the experience (though they have no impact whatsoever on performance), so they will be for aesthetic purposes only. 
Equine: Urban Style Jockey
Equine: Urban Style Jockey
The project is expected to release the 18th December 00 UTC, and will run for 24h with no specific supply, even though they expect to extend it, if they don’t reach the 5000 Sales milestone. 
Equine: Mecha Horse aka "Mechuine"
Equine: Mecha Horse aka "Mechuine"
You can learn more extensively on their WhitePaper and follow the project’s news on the following links: 
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