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Our newsletter will bring you a digest of the latest news and events that happened during the week, a look back on a key moment in CNFTs baby history, debunking a useful tool in the CNFT Space and of course a detailed profile of our Featured CNFT.
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The First CNFT: The Berries from Alessandro (co-founder of SpaceBudz) were dropped to the first 100 Berry stakepool delegators, March 1st 2021 the day of the Mary hard fork. That marked the start of CNFTs.
The Marketplace Boom: After the launch of, shortly afterwards we started seeing new faces in the space with Tokhun, and Genesis House coming in strong with Smart Contract based Sales.
Minting Tools - Democratizing CNFTs: After the minting was all about Excel sheets and manual work, we came a long way now to being able to purchase NFTs with a simple button. The space was led mainly by yours truly - along with EasyCNFT, Minterr & Tokhun.
First 1 Million Dollar CNFT:  Remember the Spacebudz Marketplace powered by Smart Contracts? Well that changed everything. We got a 510k ADA sale, which was basically more than 1 Million Dollars back then.
SpaceBud #9936 : 510 000 ADA
SpaceBud #9936 : 510 000 ADA
CNFTCon: CNFT got its first online conference with interviews, contests, airdrops and Awards to celebrate the birth of the CNFT Community in 2021 and it was gloriously led by the NeverEngine lovely duo. 
Fine Art to Cardano via This year, we had Andy Warhol pieces sold in exchange of ADA, and that ladies and gentlemen is an accomplishment. 
Beyond Rockets is the first CNFT project that offers to its minters a home in one of the Beyond Rockets City locations. It is one of the earliest projects to see the light in the CNFT space, and it paved the way for a fresh and new take to CNFTs by launching a project with a concept revolving around houses / rooms that people can mint in a city, Here are some examples of Beyond Rockets CNFTs : 
Beyond Rockets: Charle's Office
Beyond Rockets: Charle's Office
Beyond Rocket's: Streamer
Beyond Rocket's: Streamer
To get to know more about the project, we are thrilled to have the beyond rockets team as our guests for this week’s piece : 
1- When did Beyond Rockets first drop ?
“The First Key, which is the first ever drop of Beyond Rockets and also the first-ever room theme in the city’s heart, Cardano Tower, was released on June 12, 2021. There were 100 rooms for this theme. The First Key highlighted the first moon landing in 1969, recreating a room that brings you to that day, and somehow making you feel that you were a kid watching that historical event. It also signifies the small step in the huge ambition of the project, one little room in the soon big city. Just like how Neil Armstrong said it, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
There was also a commemorative NFT given to each collector of The First Key called The First Key holder which were golden keys also located in the room at different locations.”
2- Why the choice of a City project ? 
“As a creator and collector, I have three C’s as my criteria for NFTs. Connection, culture, and community. Making NFTs that people can connect to, that people will love. NFTs that spark a movement, drives culture and hones a lifestyle. And NFTs that bring people together and an ecosystem that people feel that they are part of a community. And what better way to do this than to create a city. Also during that time, it was a very new concept and idea in the whole NFT space, not just for Cardano. Most project were PFPs so I wanted to provide a fresh concept for the community while building a deep foundation for future expansions/new ideas as the space advances and progresses.”
3- What is the difference between Adaville and the Cardano Tower ? 
“Cardano Tower is the heart of the city which is a 100-storey tower(yes it is super high and will take years to finish, last floor will be a penthouse 👀). The tower comprises of different themes with different backstories. Adaville on the other hand is the first ever village in the whole city and is really an OG piece. The village comprises of 10 different house types, all in contemporary architectural style. In this village, every house is special, but some houses are more luxurious with big pools and can even host the Big Brother show. Aside from the tower and village, there are more city pieces such as the Diamond Hands Bank, Seaport Cinema. There’s also this unique piece called the Vibin’ Orange Skelly which is a dance music video. There’s also the Decentral Perk which is a coffee shop, this piece is super special because it is tied to the Decentral Perk Lofi Beats Album, one of the first ever full music albums in the whole NFT space and what I can say is one of the crowd-favorites. This album is also released on Spotify and Apple Music. ”
Beyond Rocket's: ADAVille-Sunnyside
Beyond Rocket's: ADAVille-Sunnyside
4- How does it feel to know that you are pioneers in the CNFT space ?
“It is such an honour really to be one of the first people/projects in the space, more on because I was able to see the very first days and got to contribute a bit to the building up to how the space has grown. Being able to see the journey of the whole community is such an honour to witness and I’m so looking forward on the next years to come. On the other hand, it also comes with a responsibility, people follow you and see you as an example so you have to always be responsible with your actions, words and also by producing quality stuff.”
5- How was the CNFT community’s response to your project ? 
“I can say that people love the project. From the first day up to now, the project has received love and respect. Of course, you can not please everybody and some people have different cups of tea and some have different expectations which is far from the vision and what Beyond Rockets City is all about but overall I can say that the community is proud of the project and they can show it to other blockchain friends with smiles on their faces. ”
6- What are your future plans ? 
“2021 was the year of building a strong foundation for the project, and 2022 will mark a new chapter and it will start with the release of the people in the city, after all, what’s a city without its citizens? It will be an avatar project comprising of 9,999 citizens made from hundreds of different traits that people can connect with. There will also be a 3D vault for the city which enables owners to use their avatars in metaverses/virtual worlds. There are more cool stuff coming which will be disclosed in the right time.”
Link to the Beyond Rockets website : Website
Links to Beyond Rockets socials : Twitter, Discord
If you already have experience with minting CNFTs or launching your own collection, you are probably a Timezone specialist by now, but for those of you that are still confused about drop times in UTC,EST etc… the following two tools that we will be introducing during this week’s piece can be of great help : 
Dateful is a website that offers time zone conversion, the process is pretty intuitive and straightforward you just need to enter your city or its timezone (your local one) in one of the two sections on the left or right and the timezone that you wish to convert it to on the other section, you will now have a clear idea of what time a certain drop in a certain timezone will occur in your city. The two 12 and 24 hours formats are available as well as a view of the Date of the two chosen timezones.
Dateful Website : Dateful
Time And Date is a website where you can convert and jump between two or more timezones, time difference between cities, their local times, timezones as well as a general converter to UTC time are available. It is also possible to sort the timezones that you are checking by City,Country or time in an ascending or descending manner, it can be very practical for CNFT minting purposes so that you never miss a drop ! 
Time and Date website : TimeAndDate
The year 2021 ended with a mature, focused and diversified CNFT space. We went from complicated uploading options & copy paste addresses to basically blazing fast upload and one-click shop NFTs in a VR Spaces while your friends are with you.
The year 2021 for CNFTs beyond the technical growth & community boom, definitely saw some projects that stood out more than any others. They are easy to pick within the crowd: Clay Nation, PXLZ, Unsigs, or Equine were by far the most coveted and hyped Projects of the year. Even though there is only one that is without any controversy, competition or debate has been the winner of the year: SpaceBudz.
I mean what can be said about SpaceBudz that hasn’t been said before? After making 10k Drops cool in the Space, they added an explorer to their site, set up a Marketplace for holders to exchange & sell theirs SpaceBudz, rocked the first million dollar sale, showed up on the NASDAQ TimeSquare screens and all of this with barely any hype, roadmaps, promises or spend on Advertising.
That is why SpaceBudz is our NFT of the Year, because they’re pioneers, they’re leaders, they don’t benchmark the market, they innovate.
Now we’re curious to see what 2022 will bring to the CNFT Space and who will be our 2022’s NFT of the Year.
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