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Mobile DApp Connector, Community Tokens Tsunami & Knitties are our Stars of the Week

Mobile DApp Connector: Eternl finally did it! We now have a dApp connector on mobile and one of the first to take advantage is jpg.store by allowing all of us to shop for cute JPEGs from the comfort of our bathroom seats.


CNFTs on Fire, $PAVIA & Cardano Apes featured & Hypebeasts is our Star of the Week

$DING is LIVE: $DING is the utility & governance token of the DEADPXLZ ecosystem and they're finally starting the distribution by encouraging their community to stake their Genesis PXLZ or metaPXLZ so they can earn some $DING. Start earning some $DING her…


$NMKR Launch Week , ADAHandle in the History Section & a Brand New Section !

THE $NMKR TOKENWe want our ecosystem to be as engaged as possible, the best possible place to be for anyone interested in NFTs. In order to make this possible, we have released a utility token, $NMKR.Our goal therefore, is to provide the maximum possible util…


$NMKR & CNFT Native Tokens are all the Rage, NFT-MAKER.IO making Headlines & Clay Nation is a Multi-verse not a metaverse !

NFT-MAKER.IO Contest: To celebrate the road to 1 Million NFTs minted, the team is organizing an NFT-MAKER Fan Art Contest for your chance to win a SpaceBudz or an Unsigned. You can follow the rules and submit your art for a chance to win in this form!


Holger Lippmann as Guest of Honor, SpaceBudz is 1 year old and Bitlands is our Star of the Week

New Pavia Sneak-Peeks: The most hyped metaverse project on Cardano has unveiled a few images of their team hanging out in Pavia. Check them out below:


Pineapple on Pizza - Y/N? Music Box in our History section and Fort Gotten is our Star of the Week

Artifct Marketplace: The highly anticipated Marketplace is finally LIVE, after an early metaverse NFT release and a highly hyped project. You can check it out here.


High Utility NFTs, metaPXLZ and Pendulum as our Star of the Week

ADAHandle is Finally Live: One of the most anticipated CNFT Releases of Q1 has finally landed and it's glorious. The whole community seems to be enjoying this high-utility NFT and they're right, this totally revolutionizes how we are sending from one to anoth…


#INTERNATIONALWOMENSCLAY, First Recycled Waste NFT & Cardano Skate Club as our Star of the Week

#INTERNATIONALWOMENSCLAY: The ClayMates team along with OneTile, NeverEngine, SushiBytes are organizing an event in celebration of Women's Day and will have a fully fledged program including empowering Spaces, Coaching sessions and Auctions to support women l…


CNFT Awards Winners & our Star of the Week is HashGuardians

CNFT Awards Winners: Best Collectible CNFT: SpaceBudzCNFT Of The Year: SpaceBudz Best Community Driven CNFT: The ClayMatesBest Long Term Utility CNFT: VyFinanceMost Innovative CNFT: Unsigned AlgoMost Impactful CNFT: Hosky Token CNFT Zeitgeist CNFT: Universe 2…


CNFT in the Valentines Vibe, CNFT Launchpads & LuckyPlanet as our Star of the Week

CNFT on Valentines Themes: The CNFT Space is all set up in the colors and theme of Valentine, a few cute examples below:


Battle of the OGs, $NMKR, P2P Trading Tools and Disco Solaris is our Star of the Week.

Did you know Cardano has NFT? The CNFT community went ballistic on Twitter by blasting this line everywhere, and had it echoing across the metaverse. This was probably one of the lines I've seen the most over the weekend. I wonder if Cardano has NFTs or it's …


Cornucopias' first NFT Public Sale, Reva's World special NFT approach and a Raging Marketplace Race

The Marketplace Space is evolving fast: In a riveting video by the Opencnft team, we can how the Marketplace environment has become a fierce battle between each project. The video below shows it perfectly:


EXCLUSIVE ORE x3 INTERVIEW, Hornnies is our Star of the Week & CCVault on the Spotlight

CCVault is a certified DApp: This week has been a very big one for CCVault (previously known as CCWallet), they have been integrated with jpgstore as a compatible wallet and added to SundaeSwap and MuesliSwap as compatible DApp. After the release of their mob…


CCVault App, Clay Mates the Stop-Motion Leaders & Pizzada is our Star of the Week

SUNDAESWAP BETA MAINNET: The main AMM DEX on Cardano has been building Hype for the longest, and we have been holding our breaths along and now we finally have a date and it's this Thursday 20th January 2021. More details on this SundaeSwap Article.CNFT.io fo…


CNFT Staking, Another Festival in the Horizon & ShelterPets as our Star of the Week.

DRIP DROPZ & CNFTS: In an unprecedented scenario, we got the first case of NFT Staking in Cardano with a totally unexpected collaboration between UNSIGS & Drip Dropz. The Unsigs collectors will receive 1 unsig_token for each unsig NFT in their wallet,…



The First CNFT: The Berries from Alessandro (co-founder of SpaceBudz) were dropped to the first 100 Berry stakepool delegators, March 1st 2021 the day of the Mary hard fork. That marked the start of CNFTs. The Marketplace Boom: After the launch of CNFT.io, sh…


CNFT's first XMas, Location Based NFTs & Artifct's Moon Drop

Christmas Special Sales Everywhere: The title says it all, from Neverengine, to Yummi Universe, everyone celebrate the first CNFT Xmas and it was delightful to watch. I mean... Imagine you minted this:


All Stars CNFT Weekend, The 1st 8-Bit CNFT Project, CNFT Discord Bots & Equine our Star of the Week

Christmas Specials are on the Way: After the Halloween madness, it's time for Christmas to bring its wave of special pieces and collections with notably Nerds & Virgins with a special design & Yummi Universe teasing a whole special Christmas drop for …


Clay Nation on Times Square, Lucid Dream our star of the week, 3D Model CNFTs & CNFT Galleries deepdive !

CNFTs on Time Square: After the community led SpaceBudz screening on the NASDAQ giga screen in Time Square, it was time for Clay Mates to join the party and flex their art on there. This is a follow-up to the failed London Double-Deckers takeover


Dream Space, CNFT Learning, VR CNFT & UNIVERSE 25 as our Star of the Week

Dream Space: Lead by the Shook Boyz Team, this weekend we will be witnessing a special entertainment event reuniting some of the most popular CNFT Projects to raise awareness on Suicide Prevention, in occurrence: Lucid Dream, The Clay Mates, Yummi Universe &a…